Oshibana Bow Hair Clip

Oshibana Bow Hair Clip

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Oshibana - the Japanese art of creating pictures with pressed dried flowers and other botanical materials dates back to the 16th Century, and used to be exclusively practised by Samurais.

Product Details
Handmade using unique locally-sourced fabric, this bow hair clip is the perfect accessory for any occasion! 

Bow is hand-stitched and measurements are:

  • Large - 9cm in length, 5.5cm in width
  • Small - 6cm in length, 3cm in width

Due to the nature of the fabric, each bow will be unique.

The bow sits on an alligator clip, wrapped with grosgrain ribbon that is gentle on the skin.  

Matching Sets
This unique locally-sourced fabric is extended to various other matching fabric products to twin with your family and friends. Discounts will be automatically applied when you buy any matching set!