About Humble Bow

Hi, I’m Jesse. I am a father of one and recently discovered I had the skill of holding a baby whilst sewing! I always had a creative streak in me, be it making things, cooking or writing songs. But I never pursued it as more than just a passion. Why not? I asked myself, amidst the 2020 lockdown. Humble Bow was thus born, out of a realisation of the importance of togetherness and the joy of creating and working with one’s own hands.  I created a line of home-made, hand-made accessories, filled with thought, fun and love.

My first inspiration is the bow tie, first given to me by my wife. I grew to love wearing them and they became a regular feature during weddings and parties! Many people don’t wear bow ties as they find it difficult to tie; and pre-tied ones just don’t quite look the part. Our Humble Bowties are a combination of both: the natural shape of a tied bow-tie without the hassle of having to re-tie every single time. 

I then wanted my little one and my wife to join me in wearing these beautiful pops of colour, through headbands, necklaces and earrings. Just to show that we’re together!

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy wearing and sharing our accessories, as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you. Take time for yourself and treasure those around you! 

P.S. If there’s something you’d like to see us create, drop us a line!